What Does Herpes Look Like?

When we talk about sexually transmitted diseases, there are a lot of things going on inside our mind. Things like prevention, cure, symptoms, and even how the disease looks like are frequently discussed about. With the genital herpes, there can be a lot of "faces" for the disease. That is why, it is important to remember that not all sexually transmitted diseases look the same. Some infections have the worst physical symptoms while others do not even appear with a physical symptom at all. So for you to really know if it's an STD, you have to be diagnosed properly by the physician. Although the physical symptoms of the disease are an important factor in the diagnosis, there are other more reliable ways to find out what type of sexually transmitted disease you have.

The Herpes Physical Manifestation

The types of herpes have physical manifestations which appear on the affected area of the body. For example, genital herpes shows its physical symptoms on the genital area while oral herpes reveals its manifestations on the mouth. The manifestations of herpes do not continually appear. This means that they just come into sight whenever there is a flare up of the virus.

In cases where the virus is in recession, the physical manifestations are at rest as well. However, when an ill person experiences the break out of infection, the physical characteristics of the disease will predominantly come out as well. Again, it is important to remember that the physical manifestations may be different form one person to another. Some may experience worst conditions while others may have no bodily indications at all.

What Does Herpes Look Like In The Genital Area?

All of the herpes symptoms appear with a sore. However, the degree of the sore may vary from one condition to another. It would be definitely possible that one person will experience the worst symptom while the other may not.

In genital herpes, the symptoms seen in the oral type are almost similar to the genital type. There are lesions which appear inside and outside the genital area of the person affected with the condition. In women, the herpes may develop on the vagina as painful lesions. They may erupt on the inside part or the outside area of the vagina. For men, the herpes physical symptoms revolve around the penis and the testicles. The urethra and the anal part of the reproductive system can also be affected with the bodily manifestations. More often than not, the lesions in women are harder to detect. Compared to oral sores, the genital lesions are generally less obvious and are difficult to tell or diagnose.

What Does Herpes Look Like In The Oral Area?

Generally, the symptoms in oral herpes are often referred to as cold sores. The outbreak of the sores also happens when the disease is in its flare up stage. The manifestations begin with a tingling sensation felt on the mouth and is usually followed by redness of the skin. After which, it develops into a blister that can sometimes be large enough for other people to notice. These lesions are usually painful especially when the virus is in exacerbation.

There are other physical characteristics of herpes. For further explanation on the matter, visit herpesset.com and find out more about how herpes looks like.